I believe in making games accessible. This page explains all the accessibility features present in Twilight Drive. If there is a feature that you would like to see in the game that is missing, please get in touch. I can only implement it if I know it's missing.


Click the CC button, or focus the player and press C, to turn on closed captions

Game speed

Game speed can be configured to be 20%, 40% of 80% of full speed in the accessibility options menu.

Zoom and field of view

There is a setting in the accessibility options menu to zoom the view to 1.5 times standard zoom, and a separate option in the graphics settings menu to configure the field of view.

Fully voiced menus

There is an option to turn on a voice over function that speaks all menu items at either standard speed or double speed. All in-game tutorials are also spoken. This does not use your standard screen reader but instead uses specifically recorded sound files played like game sound, so will not be available to other accessibility technologies. This can be turned on in the accessibility settings menu, or by pressing F1 or H in any menu.

High contrast mode

The high contrast mode changes the look of the tracks to highlight the track, run-off area and walls in bold colours to make them more distinctive:

This can be turned on in the accessibility options menu.

Direction indicator

There is a toggleable direction indicator that makes the direction of the car clearer. It can be toggled in the accessibility options menu.


There are options to turn off weather (rain/snow) and a separate option to turn off animation of background objects (wind turbines, ocean waves) in the accessibility options menu.

Unlock all tracks

Usually the game requires a certain amount of medals in earlier tracks to unlock all tracks. There is an option in the accessibility options menu to simply unlock all tracks if you would prefer.

Rebindable controls

All the in-game controls are re-bindable to keyboard and/or controller inputs, with two slots for each.